Isaac Day

June 3, 2014  |  Posted by admin

Healer & Ojibway Ceremonial Leader, Serpent River First Nation, Fish Clan

Isaac is a Medicine Man born on the Serpent River Reserve in Ontario. He was raised by his Grandfather in the Traditional Way. After many years of his teachings being suppressed through Residential School, Isaac began regaining the teachings through other well known and respected Traditionalists such as Dan Pine and Joe Eagle Elk. He is a seer and uses ceremonies to help interpret the Spirit World. He also works as a Traditional Counsellor. Today, Isaac, inspires many people to regain and retain their spiritual inner being. He uses his spiritual insights and gift of seeing to heal the mind, body and spirit. Of the many ceremonies that Isaac is capable of doing, he prizes the one that helps others to be able to find themselves so they can help themselves.

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